1. Q. It's free?
    A. Registration and access to all your albums in a read-only mode is completely free. However, we can impose some limits, so as not to overload our service.
  2. Q. What is it?
    A. This site has a virtual drive that allows you to connect your photo-hosting service (like Picasa), as usual network disk.
  3. Q. What photo-hosting services you support?
    A. We support Google Picasa, Flickr and Yandex Fotki at the moment.
  4. Q. How do I connect this drive?
    A. In Windows 7 and Vista you can simply add https://pub.vsyc.com/ as Network Drive.
  5. Q. Why register?
    A. Registration is necessary to gain access to your personal virtual drive. And also be able to view your private albums.
  6. Q. I signed up, how to connect my personal drive?
    A. In Windows 7 and Vista you can simply add https://vsyc.com/ as Network Drive. Also you can add https://dav.vsyc.com/ instead.
  7. Q. How can I connect this drive in Linux?
    A. Register first (pub.vsyc.com can not work in Linux).
    Than install davfs2 package and use this command: "sudo mount.davfs https://vsyc.com/picasaweb.google.com/your_google_picasa_login_here/ mount_point_here".
    Enter your https://www.vsyc.com/ login and password (received by email).
  8. Q. How do I connect my Flickr.com virtual drive?
    A. net use * https://vsyc.com/flickr.com/people/username/.
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