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What's VSYC?

Virtual Synchronized Web Drive (VSYC) is a online WebDav drive.Virtual disk looks and works like a normal disk, all your albums and photos on the disc are presented in the form of files and folders.To connect the drive does not require any additional software, you plug it into Windows, as a regular network drive.You can connect the virtual disk service like Picassa or Flickr for any user, not just for you.

How to use VSYC?

Using the service is very simple. You do not need to install anything. You do not even need to register for view public albums!
You can simply mount the disk of any Picassa user just writing in Windows 7:
net use m: https://pub.vsyc.com/picasaweb.google.com/UID
where UID any username in Picassa. For connecting to other operating systems you can find our FAQ

How much costs VSYC?

You can use our service for free in read-only mode. If you want to upload or organize photos, and in the near future to sync your photo accounts, it would cost only $0.99 per month. At the moment the service in beta testing and all the possibilities available for free. So just sign up, its free!

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